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Meteorite blasts in russia!!

a meteorite streaked through the sky friday(15 feb.) morning, exploding over central russia. meteorite speed in more then 44,000 k.m.p/h . thats huge is blast is powerful.

on friday morning a meteorite streaked across the sky above russia's ural mountains.
the fireball exploded, injuring over 1500 people, creating a sonic boom and damaging more then 3000 of buildings.

nature is truly unpredictable & unbelievable  !!!

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Sanjeevi. Peruri said...

sad moment

Anonymous said...

Sad and scary....:(

Anonymous said...

Poor opl

Maria Guillermo said...

Very sad!

Sinisha Boshevski said...

I think that they had shoot it with least the big ones...

Anonymous said...

this mean even we have high end technlogy nothing can stop the end of the world if it happen's f" technology

Mishal Roomi said...

Amazing !!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, just awesome. I do feel bad for the people that were injured, but, at least they survived!!

P.S Anonymous, why do you say that? "This mean even we have high end technology nothing can stop the end of the world if it happens f**** technology" Technology wasn't ment for saving the world. At one point, it will HAVE to end! People like this are too stubborn to face the fact that technology can't save the world.

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