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Mysteries solved behind the moving rocks of death valley

one of the famous mysteries in our planet earth is been solved!!
in middle of the california desert lies one of the natural worlds most puzzling mysteries ...."the moving rocks of death vally".
these rocks are very heavy as 700 pounds.
according to famous scientist and geological eaxpert-
moving rocks is happen in death valley because " the phenomenon is caused by a coming together of specific weather conditions. studies suggest a combination of 90MPH winds, ice formation at night and thin layers of wet clay on the surface of the desert all help to push them away."
so there is nothing but all scientific reason of the moving rocks in death valley.
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Anonymous said...

This is not an explanation solving the mystery. This is just a funny guess.

Anonymous said...

and not a very funny guess either

Anonymous said...

Have they tested these moving/roving rocks for Martian DNA? Have they looked underneath for little rollers/wheels? Maybe they should. That would explain a whole lot, and may solve the mystery.

Anonymous said...

And why does it have to move in an almost straight pattern?

Anonymous said...

Or so they say..........................

Thomas Bonnell said...

It would be straight because of the wind... and it's a very good answer but i believe it should be looked into more

reniegade said...

If it is caused by the wind, then they would all be moving in the same direction.

Kay Dyser said...

It is All God's plan..a mystery that will one day be revealed

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