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unbelievable "jellyfish" fact!!

jellyfish is found in every ocean on earth. the word jellyfish is a common term used to describe animals that are gelatinous or made up of "jelly like" material. there are many different types of jellyfish.


1. jellyfish has been around for more than 650 millions years which means that they outdate both dinosours and sharks.

2. a single jellyfish can release as much as 45,000 eggs each day.

3. a group of jellyfish is called a bloom or swarm.

4. a species of jellyfish the box jellyfish(sea wasp) kills more people than any other marine creature each year.

5. the worlds largest known jellyfish can reach a diameter of 2.5 m. (8 feet) and it's tentacles can grow to be half the length of a football ground.

6. the growth of a jellyfish never stops.

7. there are around four hundred dead zone areas in the oceans of the world where only jellyfish can survive and no other life form.

8. jellyfish have no brain, no blood, and no nervous system.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, do all jelly fish sting you? What is the best treatment for stings?

Anonymous said...

Vinegar....or the least popular method...urine.

Anonymous said...

We always use meat tenderizer and vinegar for stings. Most hotels along beaches keep some at their front desk.

guri said...

this one is awesome


Anonymous said...

They have a nervous system, just not centralized, as most animals have.

Anonymous said...

amazing ...

Richard Snouffer said...

You MUST seek local knowledge when dealing with any jellyfish envenomation. It depends on the species. The same thing that inactivates some species' nematocysts (the stinging parts) will cause ALL of another species' nematocysts to discharge (sting). You can make matters MUCH worse if you do the wrong thing.

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alan anguiano said...

Urine or vinegar are the best treatment but it has to be done right away

Anonymous said...

So do they outdate cockaroaches too?!

Anonymous said...

Alan: there were oceans before land

Andrew Bedard said...

there wasnt water before land dude, make your research, the water on earth comes mostly from space( mostly meteors

Anonymous said...

I have been stung by jellyfish on two occasions;
the pain was terrific.

Anonymous said...

how do they know when to eat if they have no brain?

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