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world's smallest horse!

==> the smallest horse in the world, according to guinness world records , is a tamberlina(thumbelina). is owned by kay and paul goessling(usa) who live on the goose creek farm inc, st louis, missouri, usa. but this littel guy may soon take it's place, when he knocks four years, since this is the minimum age for him to become the champion.

EINSTEIN- this small horse born weighing six pounds and standing 14 inches tall. but this mini horse is a modern marvel. her mama, finesse is a 32 inches tall while his papa, painted feather, is 30 inches tall. really small & cute "einstein" is looking beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

You have some facts about this horse incorrect. Look it up on Google.

Sanjeevi. Peruri said...


Laura Poore said...


Anonymous said...

Super? Awesome?? This shit is SO fake. Ya'll are a bunch of dumbasses

AnonymousisGory said... /watch?v=6XQtd9cTGFM

look a video up of this horse here.

anonymous i suggest researching more besides calling others dumbasses when your the dumbass in the first place!

Anonymous said...

He is really ugly looks deformed. Who cares how small he is

Anonymous said...

The amount of spelling errors in this are incredible.

Anonymous said...

I live on a farm with horses....I have all my life, and Anonymous is just a very unhappy person and has nothing else to do but be a miserable human being. This is real....I've read about it. Tracy

Anonymous said...

I bet he looks way better than you Anonymous 26 march

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