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Mother Brings Baby Back to Life With Two Hours Of Loving Cuddles After Doctors Pronounce Him Dead.

we live in a very strange world. and some time we have seen some mysterious thing!!
we all know mother care is best care for child but can you belive this is work in a musterious way!!!
this is a very great story of a mother who give new life to child.please read....
Kate Ogg, an Australian mother who gave birth to twins at 27 weeks after 3 hours of labor couldn't believe her ears when the doctors broke the news
that her son, Jamie weighing 2lbs
couldn't make it. At a Sydney hospital, Jamie’s twin sister Emily was fine and healthy at the time of delivery while her brother was resuscitated for twenty minutes to help him spring to life.
When he didn't respond to the
treatment, the parents had to be told the dreadful news.
Kate, unable to digest the news that her baby was dead, unwrapped him from his blanket and put him on her
chest, against her skin. Kate and
David, Jamie’s father talked to him
telling him his name and that he had a
sister, told him what all thing they
would do with him throughout his life, touched him and hugged him for two hours before the little baby gasped for air. But the doctors dismissed it as a
reflex action. The baby then gasped for more and more air and she fed Jamie with a bit of breast milk and the miracle touched the zenith. The baby
started breathing. A while later, Jamie opened his eyes and moved his head that left the doctors both shocked and happy.
after read this story i belive..
truly god works in a mysterious way ..we d'nt know what happen in one sec. this is unpredictable!!
SOURCE-->   +Daily Mail
STORY SOURCE -->  Daily Mail Uk
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Anonymous said...

This article is so very badly written. Almost every single word in this story / article is misspelled. It is a great story about the mother and child being together and the baby still alive, but someone needs to go back to school in order to learn how to spell right.

Anonymous said...

It isn't a spelling contest so who cares about that. The content of the story is about Love, Hope, Faith and a Miracle from God. Congrats to the parents and may you be Blessed over and over with your faith and little miracles.

Anonymous said...

All I can do is agree with the first comment. I Iam a skeptic, not a negative person with a desire to turn good into bad.It just sounds to good to be true. Back from the dead, no brain damage, after all, 2 hrs! So I will wait for more info before I throw my hands in the air while falling to my knees> meanwhile, if this story was written by a professional writer, he needs to sober up then be fired, terrible job.If it was written by, say an emotional family member then the editor should have at least corrected the spelling along with the commas, and periods. So either way, a poor job y the article people. I will hope for the best and even pray this story is true, I have buried two children so if this is a prank for attention, or for anything for that matter, it is sick; if all on the Up and Up then wonderful news for the family and I will comment on that as well.

Anonymous said...

dat gramma

Anonymous said...

Tee-Tee said...

For those who are skeptical because of a persons spelling says a lot about the skeptical. Does he have spell check? Who cares! This is someone who was very touched by the story, and have been given the freedom of expression! For all we know, the individual who submitted this could have been the nanny, with the church...or whoever. Who are we to judge for their spelling; they may not have a spell check or even an education. I, however, am glad to have seen the article with a great story. I have also said a prayer to this family, for there will be struggling days ahead. 28 years in health care. I thank this individual for sharing a remarkable story, this will give so many mothers hope. I feel bad for the family who lost twins, said a prayer for you too...I have seen medical miracles with no explanations. I am incredibly sorry for your unimaginable loss.

Anonymous said...

I am constantly amazed, day in and day out,at how human emotion [I believe in his case anger]can create blindness. For Tee-Tee; My name is Doug, I am the one who is skeptical. Now I am going to be very polite as u respected my opinion without knowing anything aout me and could have very easily knocked me around for things that you THOUGHT I said. Please go back and read my post again, and u will see that not one time did I blame the grammar or lack of it, the spelling or punctuation on me being skeptical. So lets dissect my comment for future repliers and hope they don't go blind. Notice the first few lines, I am a skeptic by nature being raised with the thinking, that if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I went non to say that, A child being pronounced dead just suddenly coming back to life, without witness, without brain damage, [dead for 2 hrs]sounds to good to be true, I will wait to hear more info before I celebrate.Now Tee-Tee is that not what I said so far? please double check. Ok, now next I said, just for the sake of writing that I agree with the first comment about how poorly the story was written. I stated that IF it was written by a professional it was a lousy job because if I had a heart warming nstory as that, I would want it to be presented properly. I also said if it was written by an emotional family member it should have been at least corrected by the story editor, I never insulted or implied insult to the family. Now please check again and you will see that is what I said. Ok, now, you will see finally that I said I will nhope and pray for the family that this story is true and not a sick joke., since I have buried two children myself, not twins, one as an infant and another on 9/11. So U see Tee Tee, what u responded to was not what I wrote, it is what u saw thru angry eyes, I am not an insensitive person as u tried to make me out to be, But I am a it skeptical. It was also part of our combat trng for propaganda in Vietnam. Please read carefuly in the future, thanks, Doug

sunkrysta said...

Interesting that 'anonymous' was criticizing the writer's spelling. People in glass houses, Doug... you know the rest. I understood the story fine, even with all the misspelled words. It was a touching story and more proof of God's miracles!

Anonymous said...

All the skeptics should just Google it and see for yourselves, :)

Anonymous said...

The story itself is more than enough than the spelling errors. :) This is truly life-changing. :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Agree @well said .. thnk u!

Jeannette Redmond said...

God is great

Anonymous said...


Lisa Ron said...

Great story. Well written. You people need to lighten up.
The way great authors are born is that they start writing ! Nobody's perfect and being able to draw the reader into the story is so much more important than grammer,, excellent job writer!!!! Keep writing because you're fabulous ♡

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Unknown said...

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